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Christmas is almost here,
Sinterklaas will soon appear,
Friends come from far and near to be of good cheer

(From A Gnome's Christmas by Rien Poortvliet)

Claire's Gnome Haul

Claire's, the teen/pre-teen accessory store, has a bunch of gnome stuff! I went today and got some gnome items, though I forgot to check the jewelry section. I know they have some earrings and bracelets, but I'll have to wait for another day to get some. The link above takes you to the page with all of their gnome collection items.
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Crochet Gnome

I just finished crocheting a gnome! The pattern came from this shop. It was easy to follow, though either I was doing something wrong with the increases, or the pattern was misworded, because a few times I got a little confused. He turned out great, though! I'm really pleased with him :)

Target Gnomes 2011

Have you guys seen the nose-less Anthony Fisher gnomes? The new gnomes at Target remind me of them, because they don't have eyes! I am really smitten with the hat color and texture pattern, though. I might get one just for the hat!

Look at This .. !

Yeah .. I wanted to find other people that like gnomes.. I made a tumblr for photos .. if anyone is interested! :) My gnome is pint sized, or should I say pocket sized. :)


Just getting back into LJ and looked this comm up! :) Hope others can submit photos too!

Gnomeo and Juliet

Photo taken by my hubby.
Gnomeo and Juliet came out today! I saw it with my husband and posed with my first ever gnome (bought back in 2004) before we went to the theater. I have to say I really loved the humor and all the inside jokes for Shakespeare fans. I highly recommend it!
Who else saw it opening night? What was your favorite joke?

Create your own gnome at the Gnomeo and Juliet Gnome Creator app on facebook! Are you team red or team blue? Post your own gnome in the comments!

Gnomeo and Juliet

You can "like" Gnomeo and Juliet on facebook! The movie is coming out on February 11th, do you plan to see it in 3D on opening night? I do! And I'll be wearing some gnome-related clothing as well!