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gnomeculture's Journal

To Each His Gnome
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Gnomes of all sizes and kinds welcome

Garden, forest, WoW, etcetera...Obviously, gnomes come in a wide variety of flavors! Join to enter the wonderful world of Gnome Culture. Share your favorite gnome memories, recent gnome-related purchases, gnome traveling photos, or whatever else is gnome related!

Posting guidelines:
  • Please post images wider (or taller) than 525px underneath an lj-cut. If posting more than two images, please lj-cut after the second.
  • "Naughty" gnomes are acceptable to post about, but lj-cut those images, even if they are 525px and under and be sure to give a "naughty gnome" warning.
  • Gnomes are exciting, but please keep that language clean.

  • Feel free to introduce yourself, this short survey is only a "recommendation" not a requirement:
    When did you first become interested in gnomes:
    Favorite gnome you own:
    Number of gnomes you own:

Spread the Gnome News:

Gnome-Culturists Unite!